We want this building and the projects inside it to be unique and one of a kind – just like you are.

People may be doing similar things in different areas but due to the size and potential of the building (we are renovating an old factory building), it is unlikely that they will be to the extent that we are.

Not only will we have the following:


Art/craft workshop space

Recording studio

Art gallery


Photography & videography studios

Dance studios

Gym Meeting rooms

Projector screening space

Performance spaces

and some other secret things …

but we also aim to break down the boundaries of what is usually considered to be “traditional businesses” (commercial, industrial, professional) and open up opportunities for more creative businesses.

Our tenants are a mix of all of these things and we are happy to see that they intermingle, support each other and collaborate organically.

Follow us and tell your friends. We need your support to get this off the ground and make it the amazing place we all want it to be.
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